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Throat Culture

Jul 2, 2021

The boys are back with episode 98! As they get closer to the conclusion of Throat Culture in its current format, they lament Bill Cosby's prison exit, discuss pee stream killings, and debate the cocksure-ness of Nick Cannon, DMX, and Ray-J.

Later they break down the Movie of the Week (Wet Hot American Summer). They gush...

Jun 18, 2021

The gang reels after Chef Derek Suarez bails on the podcast. This leads them to rant about what it feels like when friends let you down.

The boys rally with a heated discussion on who the most unlikable person is in the United States. Jake Paul? Aaron Carter? Jeffrey Epstein? You decide!

Later, Team Big Brains tries to...

Jun 11, 2021

The boys are back with a brand new media heavy episode - episode 96! To start they recap the perils of a bachelor party, multi-day VSS sessions, and more.

Later, JT attempts to defeat Blake in a game of general knowledge trivia. Can he get his first win?!

Finally the gang reviews the Movie of the Week (True Romance)...

Jun 4, 2021

On the 95th episode of Throat Culture, the gang gets an update on Jack's health and talks through hat options for weddings. Fedora? Kangol? Fez? 

Later, James takes on the evil empire of Blake in another trivia match. This time: American History.

To close, they review the Movie of the Week (Woman in the Window), provide...

May 21, 2021

The gang is back with a very special (returning) guest, Alana Kelly! Together they talk birthdays, Pittsburg lefts, House Milk, and much more!

Later, Alana and James take on the evil empire of Jack Blake in a re-invention of the movie character game. This time it's The Front Man Name Game. Who will win?

To close they...