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Throat Culture

Jun 27, 2018

On tonight’s episode, the gents talk American Idol, how to be fulfilled, Ryen Russillo, cowardice, birthing a child at an EDM festival, Blake’s rules to life, and plenty more!


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Jun 24, 2018

On the first ever "Throat Culture Special" the boys first respond to listener prompts, email documents, voice messages, and more!

Later in the episode we get our first in-studio guest, Tim Widmayer of the NYC rock n' roll band Elephant. Check out their single, "Call You Mine" on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Jun 20, 2018

On the fifth episode of Throat Culture, Blake and McFadden talk through the strange tale of Hat Guy, the single greatest moment in Blake's life, geographic Pornhub favorites, and Pope Francis' career as a bouncer. Thanks for coming!

Jun 13, 2018

On the fourth episode of Throat Culture, Blake, McFadden, and James talk DMs, birthday parties, local news, horny parents, live births, and more! 

Jun 6, 2018

On the third episode of Throat Culture, Blake & McFadden talk laziness, Kitty Genovese, splitting soup, sad dog stories, Beethoven (1992), pooping your pants, bear attacks, and much more! Also, our very first voicemail featuring a lonely boy named Drew from Hoboken!