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Throat Culture

Oct 30, 2018

On this very special offseason episode, Blake & McFadden are joined by the one and only Dylan Gillespie (@dylanmary_) to talk about everyone's favorite holiday!


They talk their ways through Halloween traditions, costumes, and movies.


Trick or trick you fucking deviants. 



Oct 10, 2018

On the Season One Finale, Blake & McFadden (with James!) put the finishing touches on the inaugural season of Throat Culture!

They discuss some of the highlights, revisit their favorite bits, and plan for Season Two.

Thank you to everyone who listened to our first twenty hours. We love you all and have a ton of ambition...

Oct 3, 2018

On the second to last episode (of season one) Blake & McFadden (with James!) talk Norm MacDonald, Blank Check (1994), and Victor Oladipo's four favorite movies.

Later they talk through another disgusting Would You Rather, annoying friends, personality types, self awareness, and change.

To close they discuss BINGO,...