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Throat Culture

Dec 24, 2019

On the 60th episode of Throat Culture, Jack & Kev comment live on the 1996 Christmas classic, Jingle All the Way. They discuss what it means to be a good father, how fucking dope the Turbo Man doll is, how much Sinbad is too much Sinbad, and if this movie has the best Phil Hartman performance? All of this and more on a...

Dec 18, 2019

On the 59th episode of Throat Culture, Blake & McFadden riff on Coca-Cola's new subscription service, Jack's hatred of oranges, The Mandalorian, Lost, Boy Meets World, McDonalds, a trip to Maryland, and the tale of Shot Glass Buy Backs.

Dec 11, 2019

On the 58th episode of Throat Culture, the gang discusses an annual tradition known as, The Tomatoing. Taking place in the most nightmarish alley in all of Hoboken, NJ - one loser must face the wrath of 110 tomatoes. To be pelted is inevitable. Why do Blake & McFadden subject themselves to such savagery?

Later they...

Dec 4, 2019

It's here. It's 209 minutes. De Niro, Pacino, Pesci. Martin Scorsese's, The Irishman is streaming on Netflix. Tune in for Blake & McFadden's breakdown of the best performances, best side characters, de-aging technology, Scorsese pantheon, best quotes, best scenes, and more! I heard you paint houses?

Nov 27, 2019

On the 56th episode of Throat Culture, Blake & McFadden start with producer drama: Derek is back to gun for James' spot. Later they discuss the perils of going to sleep with the TV on.

Part two dives deep into Thanksgiving! Is it the most American holiday, or merely a preamble to Christmas?

To close, they bring in...